Project Description

Imagine a courtyard in a contemporary house.  Or a framed view of a garden from a house.  It will not be surprising to find a beautiful Champa (Frangipani) tree planted strategically as an accent or focus of the space or the view.  A perfect combination of sculpture and nature – the Champa tree is a favorite of contemporary designers.  Attractive to people for the fragrance of its flowers, the Champa captured our imagination as a very graceful and elegant structure.  The twisting trunk that branches out into clusters of large dark green shiny leaves and peaking in lovely flowers provides a visual as well as olfactory delight to the observer.

The leaf of the Champa tree was the inspiration for OBL/QUE’s first product range.   Therefore its structure, shape and size, and pattern of veins, were interpreted to derive ideas for varied products.

Product Range

Autumn — ‘Autumn’ tries to capture the spirit of the autumn season, through a set of 10 life sized Champa leaves hand picket for you. These stainless steel leaves can be mounted on the wall at any preferred angle creating interesting compositions.

The Halo — ‘The Halo’ is a blown up Champa Leaf capturing the finer details of its form and surface through the traditional etching techniques. A powerful light source behind it illuminates the wall on which it is mounted highlighting its silhouette.

Bad Light — ‘Bad Light’ is an artist’s initiative to tackle the issue through a leaf which can be adjusted at various angles to function as a reading light as well as an ambience light.

The Mask — ‘The Mask’ is a series of screens that could be overlaid over a basic light block (250 mm x 250 mm x 88 mm). Three kinds of screens are designed individually on the amount of light they allow i.e. totally opaque, partially transparent, majorly transparent.  These stainless steel screens have vein pattern etched on the surface. One can use the three types of screens, rotate them and mirror them in order to create limitless possibilities of combinations when placed next to each other.

Under the Tree — ‘Under the Tree’ is a 1.8 m tall satire to urban life, and is an artwork of a hand etched leaf graphic. It can stand wherever you feel like sitting in your house or an office to remind you of your dissociation from nature, and what more, it doubles up as a powerful standing lamp.

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