Project Description

If you are looking for a partition to divide a space visually without creating something heavy, OBL/QUE’s Screen is just the right product for you!  The 1.2 mm thick Stainless Steel Screen – sheer as well as solid at the same time – provides the desired visual privacy without consuming space.  Easy to assemble and install – any carpenter can do it – and easy to maintain, Screens make for a very good interior element.

OBL/QUE makes two kinds of Screens – Standard Modular and Customized.  The Standard Modular Screens consist of 225 mm x 225 mm squares with 25 mm gap between two adjacent squares, both vertically as well as horizontally.  Within this, we have several options based on traditional Indian, Islamic, and Contemporary patterns, with new patterns being added from time to time.  These patterns have varying ratio of solid – void and offer varying levels of transparency.

The Customized Screen gives a great opportunity for coming up with something unique for a particular space as it is designed for the specific space keeping in mind the rest of the interior ambience.  The possibility of electroplating the screens in any desired colour, as well as other techniques such as using mirrors or bending adds to the customization possibilities.

Like any other OBL/QUE product, the Screen becomes not only a functional object, but an object of art which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space.

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