Project Description

The Tree of Life is a 12 feet wide by 31 feet long installation that begins from the wall and stretches across the ceiling in the Coffee and Tea Lounge at The Taj Gateway Hotel in Surat, Gujarat.  Situated in a very prominent location, it is a very eye-catching feature visible from the moment you step into the hotel, as well as  from the lobby, reception, restaurant entrances, and elevator access.

The interpretation of the theme is envisaged as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. The representation is an artistic image of a tree adopting a curvilinear geometry rather than the nodal geometry of a tree; which makes it soothing rather than aggressive.  The tree starts with a very massive trunk (very peculiar of a tropical tree giving shade) and then as it rises up, the branches leave the plane and intermingle with each other creating the drama and depth. The preferred medium is brass because of its rich golden colour and its shimmering response to light.

The Tree of Life is a project that is very close to our heart, because it is our first project, and also because it has won OBL/QUE it’s first design award – the IIID Copper Award, 2011.  The said award was instituted for the very 1st time in India by Institute of Indian Interior Designers [IIID] and International Copper Promotion Council (India) [ICPCI] to recognize the contribution of Architects and Designers from all over India for the aesthetic use and application of Copper and its Alloys in their works.

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