OBL/QUE was launched in November 2007 by Mr. Snehal Shah (Architect), Mr. Walter D’Souza (Artist) and Mr. Kaizer Batliwala (Manufacturer) with a vision of creating a conducive platform for designers and artists so that they can collaborate and evolve artworks and products that have intrinsic design sense as well as high art value.  OBL/QUE is now headed by Ms. Saloni Shah (Architect), and is well-supported in its design as well as manufacturing endeavours by various designers, artists and manufacturers.

During the first 7 years of its life, OBL/QUE has worked on close to 80 different projects that include two product ranges and a host of interesting installations for the hospitality industry, corporate offices, and a number of residences in collaboration with various artists and designers.

OBL/QUE makes artworks using different media ranging from metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminium and copper to other materials such as stone, glass, wood, vinyl, paper, etc.  Depending on the demand and theme of the project, OBL/QUE works with various different materials, but considers working with metals – especially stainless steel – its forte due to the excellent manufacturing set up provided by Mr. Kaizer Batliwala of M/s. Batliwala Process Engineering in Ahmedabad and M/s. Alfa Steel in Dubai.