Furniture design is a vast and open-ended field that has the possibility of creating stunning works that redefine a space’s purpose set a vibe, and make an assertion. Over the years, OBL/QUE has made some interesting and stunning pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics.

On Toes Table

On Toes is the perfect table for having a quick, two-minute discussion, or to gather around for a short coffee break. The height makes it perfect for use in a standing position. The quirky, colorful legs reflect the postures of the legs of the people standing around it.

Size : 1800 mm x 750 mm x 1062 mm
Technique : Laser-cut and painted mild steel sheets and pipes used for the base, and granite stone for the table top

Utsav Kiosk

This piece of furniture serves a mundane function of providing a surface to serve food items during events as well as incorporate a wash basin along with it.  We decided to make it an object of beauty with integrated lighting so that it looks beautiful during day time as well as night time events.

Size : Appprox. 4200 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm
Technique :The structure as well as infills of this beautiful table are made from laser cut brush finished stainless steel with acrylic and lighting integrated within.

Aamra Patal

Aamra Patal, literally translated as Mango Table, is an interpretation of a Mango Tree as a Coffee Table. The top depicts the top view of the Mango Tree, represented through a simple yet intricate geometry, sits on a cylindrical trunk which is welded to an unusual base depicting the roots of the tree. This artistic piece of furniture aspires to be a center piece of contemporary living spaces.

Size : 1200 mm dia, 400 mm height
Technique : The top is made using stained veneer on plywood base with brass elements and border, and traditional jadau elements.  The base is made of brass finished mild steel.

Ganesha Door

Many Indian households tend to have a sculpture or image of the auspicious Lord Ganesha at the entrance of their homes. This unique and big pivoted door incorporates the mighty Lord as well as his mouse in the design. His all-seeing eye has a pivoted flap that allows one to look out as well as pass on small items from inside to outside.

Size : Approx. 2400 mm 2400 mm
Technique : The door is made of stained and polished wood fixed onto a metal framing inside. The flap of the eye is made of stainless steel and rest of the metal elements are painted.