Lighting elements – whether they sit on a wall, hang from the ceiling or are integrated with other elements within a space – have the ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal and create an ambiance with the style that matches the overall language of the space.

Lamps at Sayaji Hotel, Pune

These ceiling suspended lamps, coupled with intricately patterned screens, create a unique ambiance for a restaurant in Sayaji Hotel, Pune.

Size : Approx. 250 mm x 250 mm x 800 mm
Technique : Laser cut stainless steel with translucent acrylic

Butterfly Lounge Lighting

This interesting composition of lights forms the backdrop of the reception and waiting for the lounge of the executive floor at the Shree Ram Krishna Exports Empire. In addition to these, ceiling suspended lamps and center tables integrating the butterfly motif complete the look of the Butterfly Lounge.

Size : Approx. 3800 mm x 1700 mm
Technique : Laser-cut stainless steel light boxes with translucent acrylic. The delicate wings of the butterflies are manually bent at varying angles.

Light-Integrated Partition

A modular partition that separates living and dining areas in a private residence also integrates lighting and creates very interesting patterns and shapes. The rest of the open parts of the partition can also be used to display little trinkets.

Size : Approx. 1700 mm x 1700 mm
Technique : The partition is made of plywood and painted.  the lighting is integrated within the design of the partition with translucent acrylic on the outside.

Tentacle Lights

These interesting lights are installed in the Executive Lounge of the prestigious Ankit Gems Diamond Factory in Surat. Inspired from the tentacles of creatures like a jellyfish or legs of a spider, these lights begin from one point and then extend out in various directions, thus creating interesting forms and enabling illumination over a larger area.

Size : Approx. 2000 mm x 1500 mm, 1500 mm x 900 mm
Technique : The tentacles of the lights are made from bent copper pipes emerging from a central circular box in the ceiling.  The light sources at the ends are fit into polished wooden elements.

Foliage Installation with Lighting

The Foliage installation adorns the double-height space within a courtyard at a private residence in Surat. Designed as clusters of leaves suspended from the glass ceiling, certain clusters are in the form of dynamic mobiles, while the others are static, but incorporate indirect lighting.

Size : Clusters of Dia. 1250 mm, 1000 mm and 750 mm
Technique : The carefully designed and calibrated mobile installations and lighting clusters are made of stainless steel and painted mild steel with 1000 mm and 750 mm dia. clusters incorporating indirect lighting.

Brass Light Clusters 

The double-height entrance foyer of a private residence in Valsad is lit by these ceiling suspended lights made with brass plates. They hang at different heights from the inclined ceiling, because of which they make for interesting visuals from the ground as well as the first floor.

Size : Approx. 3000 mm x 1200 mm
Technique : The grid on the ceiling is of polished wood and the light fittings themselves are made using beaten brass plates with wooden holders.

Brass Light Clusters

Housed within the interesting curvilinear shapes created in the design of the ceiling of a private apartment in Surat, these clusters of varying sizes form an interesting composition.  The use of the circular beaten brass plates complements the murals as well as brass accents in the furniture.

Size : Clusters using Approx. 350 mm and 250 mm dia. brass plates
Technique : Beaten brass plates with wooden holders to house the light sources.