Signage plays a very important role in creating an impression of a place apart from providing information.  Combining functionality and aesthetics, signage sets a language according to the theme and mood of the space. Designing sturdy and beautiful signage has been an avenue that OBL/QUE has worked on several occasions – whether they are for the hospitality industry, private residences, or commercial offices. We always give each signage a unique flavor that reflects the identity of the project or client.

Khwaish – Butterfly House

This signage is made for a private residence wherein the major artworks were designed on the theme of Butterfly. The home is also known as Butterfly House, and so in continuation of the same theme, the nameplate of the home was also made using the same motif.

Size : 600 mm x 600 mm
Technique : Laser-cut, etched and machine bent stainless steel signage


Tahuko is the word for the melodious sound a peacock makes. The nameplate depicts a peacock feather as it is defining the theme of the house right at the entrance. It highlights the raw look given to the house exterior through copper.

Size : 600 mm x 450 mm
Technique : Water-jet cut copper with natural finish

Kalrav – Bird House

Kalrav is the Gujarati word for the chirping of birds. Along with the bird-themed jaali, the nameplate aptly introduces the theme of the house right at the entrance in a playful manner.

Size : Approx. Approx. 900 mm x 450 mm
Technique : Controlled-rusted and coated mild steel


Who says an apartment nameplate cannot be special? This nameplate for a Kashmiri family captures their association with their homeland through the depiction of the native Chinar tree leaves in its various colors in different seasons.

Size : Approx. 750 mm x 1050 mm
Technique : Laser-cut, painted mild steel

The Gold Beach Resort

The main outdoor signage for a premium resort at Devka Beach, Daman, is made in a pair so that it is visible from afar as you move towards it from any direction. The custom fonts and corporate logo complete identity.

Size : Approx. 4500 mm x 1500 mm (each side)
Technique : Wooden base with laser-cut stainless steel elements

Essteam and Allied Firms

The signage for our own office building incorporates the logos of all the firms operating out of these premises while being in tune with the existing material palette used in the exterior through the use of copper.

Size : Approx. 1500 mm x 1050 mm
Technique : Water-jet cut and machine bent copper with spacers to keep it away from the wall