Wall Murals form a bulk of all the work OBL/QUE does.  In almost all of the projects, the designer usually dedicates a wall or a surface which needs to house some kind of artwork, and which would be the main feature of that particular space.  OBL/QUE has worked on murals of varying sizes for interior as well as exterior spaces for all kinds of projects from residential to commercial to hospitality, using various themes and materials.  

Tree of Life

Designed as the focal point of the lobby at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Surat, Tree of Life is stunning, intricate mural creating a sense of awe from the moment you step into the hotel.  Beginning from the wall and extending over the ceiling this beautiful mural won OBL/QUE the IIID Copper Award 2011.

Size : Approx. 3600 mm x 9450 mm
Technique : This delicate mural was made using 4 layers of water-jet cut and acid treated brass sheets fixed with spacers between them such that a depth was created. The trunk had manually beaten texture on the brass.


Chandroday – meaning Moonrise – forms a beautiful backdrop for a multi-purpose gathering space in a private residence. Being predominantly used in the evenings, a full moon night sky has been depicted with a flock of birds flying across. Housing a home theatre, this space needed acoustic treatment, and this mural also addresses that requirement through the use of the wood wool board as the material.

Size : Approx. 5000 mm x 1200 mm
Technique : Custom-cut and painted wood wool board with painted MDF accent overlays.

At the Sea

This interesting mural sits in the lobby of Gold Beach Resort, Davka Beach, Daman. The concept behind it is to depict the association of the owner’s ancestors to the fishing industry in the region and also the Portuguese influence on Daman.

Size : Approx. 7500 mm x 3600 mm
Technique : This irregular shaped mural has a CNC cut MDF base on which canvas and stainless steel elements have been pasted.  This is followed up by manual artistic painting on the canvas.


Adorning the wall behind the desk of a renowned developer from Surat, this artwork is an abstracted representation of river Tapi.

Size : 2400 mm x 1200 mm (8’-0” x 4’-0”)
Technique : The artwork is layered with MDF which is PU painted in gradient colours with accents of brass sheet on it.

Love and Hope

The concept for this mural was to express the irony of the fact the Diamond being the purest and hardest element in Nature is used to express the softest or most delicate of emotions – Love. This has been subtly expressed through the changing textures and mild glow of colour in the mural.

Size : Approx. 2400 mm x 1000 mm
Technique : This undulating form is custom made in specially cast moulded fibre, giving it beautiful texture and then is carefully painted over manually.


This colorful eye-catching mural is on the exterior of a building in a bleak industrial area. The owner of the building is a dealer of paper, and so the concept was to create something that reminds one of what things can be made with paper, and therefore – Pinwheels.

Size : Each pinwheel has a diameter between 900 mm to 1500 mm

Technique : These striking pinwheels are made of laser cut and machine bent stainless steel with their inner surfaces painted.


This artwork shows a tree in the autumn season with its beautifully colored leaves flying off in the breeze. The scattered leaves add color and life to space. As one enters the space, the tree is spreading over the two sides of the corner.

Size : Approx. 3000 mm x 1950 mm
Technique : This mural is made from laser cut, machine-bent and painted mild steel installed with studs to the polished plywood background.

A for Paper

This interesting artwork housed in the executive office is made out of various standard sizes of paper such as A5, A4, A3, A2, etc. and it is graphically well composed to create a piece of art.

Size : Approx. 1950 mm x 1350 mm
Technique : The artwork consists of digitally designed and printed canvas that is fitted on frames of various basic paper sizes.

Spiral of Life

Spiral of Life is a simple and beautiful artwork that has a deep meaning.  Made using a thick rope twirled around itself into a spiral with differently colored segments.  It depicts continuity of life with the colors expressing different phases of life.

Size : Approx. 1050 mm x 1050 mm
Technique : This framed artwork is made using a 25 mm thick rope painted and twirled around itself to form a spiral.

My Life is My Message

The Client in whose space this mural is housed is deeply inspired by Gandhi, and this quote by Gandhiji aptly sums up his philosophy.

Size : Approx. 2400 mm x 600 mm
Technique : This artwork is made as a graphic printed on a canvas with certain parts painted over it manually by an artist.


In the Indian tradition, we join our palms in Namaste and welcome our guests at our doorstep. On special occasions, we also welcome our guests with flower garlands. This abstract mural combines both these gestures in a simple yet striking manner.

Size : Approx. 900 mm x 1050 mm
Technique : This simple mural is made in two layers from two different metals – brass and stainless steel.

Under the Tree

Forming a serene backdrop at the entrance foyer of a villa, this mural was to be housed on the existing wood-paneled wall and therefore was designed as an inverse tree such that the backdrop would be seen as the actual form of a tree. The wooden bench adds to the beauty of the ambiance.

Size : Approx. 1800 mm x 2400 mm
Technique : This mural is made from laser cut brush finished stainless steel fixed onto the wooden panelling behind.

Morpankh Wall Mural

One of the main features of the Peacock house, this mural sits on a double-height wall in the living space of the villa on a beautifully textured concrete wall backdrop. The concept is in line with all the artworks of the home and seeks to express the form and colors of beautiful peacock feathers.

Size : The mural covers an area of approx. 1800 mm x 4500 mm
Technique : The mural is made in 3 different materials – stainless steel, painted mild steel and brass. The laser cut and machine bent forms are fixed at specific angles creating a visual flow.

The Peacock

A focal element across the central court of the villa, this artwork is inspired by the beautiful peacock mosaics in the City Palace, Udaipur. The beautiful geometry tries to capture the form and colors of a peacock dancing in the rains.

Size : Approx. 1200 mm x 1200 mm
Technique : The base of this mural is made of plywood on which a canvas is pasted and painted over, and finally a layer of laser-cut brush finished stainless steel is pasted on it.

Sabka Mangal Ho

Sabka Mangal Ho is located at the reception of the prestigious Jainam Share Consultants Pvt. Ltd. head office in Surat. The prayer from the Vipassana tradition of Buddhism reflects the core philosophy of the company that deeply believes in the good of all.

Size : Approx. 1500 mm x 2000 mm
Technique : The base of this mural is made of fabric mounted on plywood.  The layer over this depicting the Buddha and the tree are made of painted mild steel.  The mural integrates lighting which gives a beautiful glow.

Security – From the Me Series

It’s all in the mind! The sense of security is what the ‘Me’ has been hunting for all of his life. Here is the journey to discover that precious thing that provides ‘Me’ that security which transcends physical and psychological barriers.

Size : Approx 1475 mm x 815 mm
Technique : Screws are hammered on painted MDF with printed vinyl as a base to the stainless-steel head.

Equanimity – From the Me Series

Life is full of contradictions and the same contradictions make a complete picture. The ‘Me’ aspired to witness the varied positive and negative emotions without a sense of attachment to either, in his pursuit to discover the wholeness.

Size : Approx. 1650 mm x 700 mm
Technique : Printed Vinyl on plywood base with two Medium Density Fiberboard pieces and a circular copper piece cut to show the focus in the head and SS sheet for the tree.