A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

– John Keats

In a world that is moving ever faster, who has the time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’! In this current context of increasing speeds and diminishing attention spans, OBL/QUE attempts to add beauty to spaces by creating pieces of art/design that move you to spare a moment to slow down from your busy schedule, take a pause, and reflect upon their beauty.  OBL/QUE aspires to design products that have an artistic edge to it, with a creative approach.


OBL/QUE began as a collaborative initiative of an Architect, an Artist and a Manufacturer in 2007 with a vision of creating a collaborative platform for designers and artists to experiment, evolve and discover areas where art and design overlap to create objects for today and tomorrow that have intrinsic design sense as well as high art value.

While OBL/QUE began with a forte in highly precise metal works, it now works with several different materials and mediums such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminum and copper to other materials such as stone, glass, wood, vinyl, paper, fabrics, etc. to create beautiful and interesting art pieces.


OBL/QUE is currently headed by Ms. Saloni Shah – an Architect and Urban Planner by qualification, and an artist by heart.  She believes that “Art, Beauty, and Creativity are motivating, intuitive forces that go beyond logic, and touch the heart.”   Her strengths include Critical Thinking, Conceptual Design, Art Integration, Presentation narratives, and Design Detailing.  Oblique is well supported in its design as well as manufacturing endeavors by various designers, artists, and manufacturers.


Since its inception, OBL/QUE has worked on over 150 different projects that include Customized Budgeted Art, Individual Commissions, Products and interesting Installations for the hospitality sector, corporate offices as well as several residences. In 2011, OBL/QUE won the IIID Copper Award for Excellence in Design with Copper.

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