Whether standing on the floor independently, hung from the ceiling, or fixed on the top of a parapet wall, whether fixed or mobile, with or without the integration of lighting, OBL/QUE has made all kinds of beautiful and challenging installations, employing various materials and techniques that capture the imagination.  These installations provide a different feel and experience compared to a mural on a wall because you can walk around them, and view them differently from different points in the space.

Floral Installation with Butterflies

The focal point of the Reception and Waiting Lounge of the Executive Floor of the prestigious diamond factory Ankit Gems, this installation provides a welcoming gesture to all the visitors.

Size : Approx. 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 1000 mm
Technique : Made using laser and water jet cut copper, brass and stainless steel, this installation has a floor standing component of flowers and a ceiling suspended component of butterflies, which is mobile.

Champa Tree

This beautiful, 25′ high installation sits in the atrium of a mall, visible from all floors.  Made using over 500 leaves from the Autumn series of OBL/QUE’s products with colour infilled in the hand-etched veins, the tree provides a wonderful balance between delicateness and grandeur.

Size : Approx. 5200 mm x 6500 mm x 400 mm depth
Technique : The basic structure as well as the trunk and branches of the tree are made of painted mild steel, whereas the leaves are made of laser-cut, hand-etched stainless steel with colour infills in them.

Nature’s Blessings

Nature’s Blessings is the first and one of the largest mobile installations made by OBL/QUE.  It depicts the forces of sun and rain and resulting green (prosperity) on earth.  The delicate balancing of each of the mobile elements makes it a challenging work.

Size : Approx. 4500 mm x 4500 mm x 4000 mm
Technique : The basic elements like the sun and leaves are made of mild steel and painted.  The entire delicate yet strong assembly of parts that allows this installation to be mobile is made of stainless steel.

Birds of a Feather

The sight of a flock of birds in flight is always a beautiful one, and this installation tries to capture that beauty. A flock of around 50 birds in flight formation suspended from the ceiling at different heights give a dynamic feel to the triple height courtyard, leading the eye towards the sky.

Size : 50 birds of approx. 300 mm x 250 mm x 80 mm
Technique : The entire installation is made with laser cut and machine bent stainless steel sheets and wire ropes.  The birds are hung at different heights from the glass ceiling of the courtyard.

Mor no Tahuko

Inspired from the mesmerizing dance of the peacock, this abstracted version of the same is perched on the parapet of the garden such that it is visible right from the entry into the lane to the villa.  This installation establishes the theme for all the artworks in the project.

Size : Approx. 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 900 mm
Technique : This sculpture is made from water-jet cut and manually welded copper pieces.  The copper surface is left open to natural weathering process.

Equanimity in Equity

Bull and Bear are the symbols for the stock market’s ups and downs.  This installation at Jainam Share Consultants office is made such that it can reflect the market’s trends – bullish or bearish – at the end of every trading day.

Size : Approx. 2000 mm x 2000 mm – 200 mm
Technique : This installation is made using painted and controlled-rusted mild steel.  It houses a mechanism that allows it to be rotated and fixed at 3 different positions to indicate bullish, bearish and neutral position of markets.

Foliage Installation with Lighting

The Foliage installation adorns the double height space within a courtyard at a private residence in Surat.  Designed as clusters of leaves suspended from the glass ceiling, certain clusters are in the form of dynamic mobiles, while the others are static, but incorporate indirect lighting.

Size : Clusters of Dia. 1250 mm, 1000 mm and 750 mm
Technique : The carefully designed and calibrated mobile installations and lighting clusters are made of stainless steel and painted mild steel with 1000 mm and 750 mm dia. clusters incorporating indirect lighting.

Captivating Caterpillars

This interesting installation was to serve the purpose of providing visual privacy from the building behind it.  It has been envisaged as a zoomed-in view of a large leaf with several charming caterpillars on it.  The caterpillars are made from commonly used utensils, which makes them very interesting.

Size : Approx. 3000 mm x 1800 mm
Technique : The backdrop is made from laser cut, painted mild steel, and the caterpillars themselves are made using utensils such as skillets and spoons, with artistic painting on them.

Roots of Knowledge

This set of two installations were envisaged to work as bookshelves as well as showcase for trinkets.  The larger one of the two comes down from the ceiling and symbolises the roots, whereas the smaller one rises from the floor and symbolises the tree – suggesting that the roots of knowledge may go much deeper than what can be seen on the outside.

Size : Approx. 1800 mm x 3000 mm, 1200 mm x 1700 mm
Technique : This installation is made from laser-cut and painted mild steel sheets bent at specific angles.

I am My Own Creator

Aimed to reflect the philosophy of the owner of the diamond factory – Shairu Gems, this installation shows a person carving himself out from a rock – signifying how man is the creator of his own life and self.

Size : Approx. 2400 mm x 3000 mm
Technique : This installation is made in 2 layers with a metal base and hand cut mosaic tiles pasted on the base.

Butterfly Installation

This striking installation showing two huge butterflies of approx. 8′ and 6′ widths serves the dual purposes of giving an identity to the villa while also providing security from the next house.  The tall sharp blades of grass that emerge from the base work as a deterrent for anyone to cross over to this terrace.

Size : Approx. 3600 mm x 4500 mm
Technique : This installation is made using laser-cut and machine bent stainless steel and aluminium elements.

Bird Mobile

The Bird Mobile installation sits along the entrance walkway to our own office premises. It blends perfectly with the huge Gulmohur tree nearby and is a beautiful sight to watch when the birds float around in the gentle breeze.

Size : Approx. 2700 mm x 600 mm
Technique : This installation is made using painted, laser-cut stainless steel elements that are carefully balanced to counter each other and allow it to move along with the breeze.

Tree of Yoga

This beautiful installation is an interpretation of the Tree of Yoga as described by Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar in his book.  It expresses the eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga through various parts of the tree.

Size : Approx. 2100 mm x 2100 mm
Technique : This tree is made using etched and CNC cut MDF and hand-painted by an artist.