Imagine a courtyard in a contemporary house. Or a framed view of a garden from a house. It will not be surprising to find a beautiful Champa (Plumeria or Frangipani) tree planted strategically as an accent or focus of the space or the view.  A perfect combination of sculpture and nature the Champa tree is a favourite of contemporary designers. Attractive to people for the fragrance of its flowers, the Champa captured our imagination as a very graceful and elegant structure.  A Champa leaf was the inspiration for the first product range by OBL/QUE.  We were really inspired by the structure, shape and size, and growth pattern of the Champa leaf, and the products are our interpretations of the same.


“Autumn” tries to capture the beauty of fallen leaves in autumn season through a set of 10 life-sized Champa leaves. These stainless-steel leaves are etched using traditional artistic methods and can be mounted at any angle. This allows one to create very interesting compositions using single or multiple sets.

Size : Each leaf is between 195 mm to 295 mm in length.
Technique : Made from laser-cut stainless steel, the leaves are not flat but curved, and the veins are etched manually using traditional artistic techniques.


Halo is a blown up Champa Leaf capturing the finer details of its form and surface through traditional etching techniques. A powerful light source behind it illuminates the wall on which it is mounted, highlighting its silhouette. The stainless-steel leaf is made in 3 sizes so that they can be used in combinations to create visually powerful compositions on large surfaces.

Size : 1050 mm x 373 mm, 800 mm x 286 mm, and 550 mm x 197 mm
Technique : Made from laser-cut stainless steel, the leaves are not flat but curved, and the veins are etched manually using traditional artistic techniques. There is a simple assembly for housing the light source behind.

Bad Light

One of the most irritating moments in our daily life is when the person next to you on your bed turns on the light to read a book when you are feeling the sleepiest. Designed in two versions, wall-mount and table-mount, ‘Bad Light’ is an artist’s initiative to tackle the issue through a leaf that can be adjusted at various angles to function as a reading light as well as an ambience light.

Size : Wall mount – 188 mm x 385 mm x 145 mm, Table mount – 163 mm x 392 mm x 120 mm
Technique : Laser cut, machine bent and welded stainless steel assembly with options of front surface textures


Mask is a versatile light box that can be overlaid with a screen of your choice, and the permutations and combinations of the screen positioning can create endless possibilities of generating interesting illumination for a space.  The first set of screens is based on the theme of the Champa leaf veins, and offers varying degrees of transparency.

Size : 250 mm x 250 mm x 88 mm
Technique : The inner assembly of the light box is made of GI and integrates lighting, while the outer box is made of stainless steel.  The screen overlays can be made from stainless steel or mild steel with paint.

Under the Tree

More the progress, the further one gets away from nature. This is a usual scenario almost all over the world. Under the Tree is a 2 m tall satire to urban life, and is an artwork of a hand etched leaf graphic. It can stand wherever you feel like sitting in your house or an office to remind you of your dissociation from nature, and also doubles up as a powerful standing lamp.

Size : Approx. 1175 mm x 380 mm x 1885 mm
Technique : The basic assembly is made of stainless steel with the main plate incorporating artistic manual etching. the light source is concealed within an acrylic box.