The theme of the project is the Forces of Nature that reflect the cycle of human beings. It includes the Sun, Moon, Wind, Water, and Space. Each force reflects one quality of the life of the inhabitant, be it a setting sun reflecting maturity and age or the Dandelion reflecting the delicacy of a child.



Project: Art Integration for an Apartment in Surat, Gujarat

Design Area: 4950 Sq ft (carpet area)

Client: Mr. J P Garg / Mr. Abhinav Garg

Year of Completion: January 2019

Design Team: Ms. Saloni Shah, Mr. Satyadeep Vadnere, Mr. Jabir Kureshi, Ms. Vidhi Desai

Photography Credits: The Fishy Project


The wall with the artwork narrates the saga of the moon, inscribed in different languages with a ‘chakor’ bird admiring the moon for its beauty.

Size : 3850 mm x 900 mm (12’-6” x 2’-9”)
Technique : Micro Concrete, Brass, AEC Blocks, Circular Brass Disks with patina, and inscriptions, mounted and inserted in the curved AEC Block Wall with Micro Concrete coating.  


The phases of moon intend to delineate the chapters of life of an individual from void to gradual wholesomeness to void again. The colors are formulated to perk the subtle ambiance of the living space.

Size : 1830 mm x 762 mm (6’-0” x 2’-5”)
Technique : Brass Parats painted manually to depict the Lunar cycle and inserted into an artistically painted MDF base, which also integrates tiny LED lights.  


The ‘universe’ in relation to the dining space as a uniting place after severance, with captivating textures and invigorating colors.

Size : 1830 mm x 610 mm (6’-0” x 2’-0”)   
Technique : Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) strips painted with shades of deep blues and purples, and round metal plates representing celestial bodies. 

Size : 915 mm x 915 mm (3’-0” x 3’-0”)   
Technique : Artistic textured painted with brush and sponge on MDF base. 


Breaking the monotony of paintings, this artwork creates dynamism through the painted chamfered wooden blocks with tepid colors amalgamating with the ambience of the space.

Size : 1830 mm x 762 mm (6’-0” x 2’-5”)
Technique : Chamfered 2.5” x 2.5” wooden blocks stuck together with painted hues of blue and yellow, portraying the moon in the night sky.  


The artwork expresses how marriage unifies two individuals like two streams coming from divergent vicinities and merging in confluence into a flowing river.

Size : 1525 mm x 610 mm (5’-0” x 2’-0”)
Technique : Layers of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) are painted and stuck together to represent mountains whereas the rivers are manually textured painted with brush.


The setting sun has the resemblance of the parents as an expression of attaining peace, calmness, serenity and the colors intend to depict maturity.

Size : 2286 mm x 610 mm (7’-5” x 2’-0”)
Technique : With a smart and unique idea of using dyed ropes as well as knotted ropes with frayed edges for the sun, the evening sky is depicted perfectly with artistic paint in the background. 


Dandelions are a portrayal of fragility of a kid demonstrating their tenderness and delicacy, with yellow color as a symbol of freshness, vibrancy and joy.

Size : 1524 mm x 762 mm (5’-0” x 2’-5”)
Technique : The background is textured painted and the delicate dandelion is crafted in stainless steel to give it a refined finish.