The theme of the project is Versatility, Lightness and Sizes of Paper that is reflected in the artworks. The ability to adapt, the quality of having very little weight and the various measures of a paper is what the artworks talk about- ‘the paper art’.



Project: Art Integration for an Office in Surat, Gujarat

Design Area: 14,000 Sq ft

Client: Mr. Chirag Laddha (Shreepad Plastics Pvt. Ltd.)

Year of Completion: 2014

Design Team: Ms. Saloni Shah, Mr. Jabir Kureshi

Photography Credits: Puja Kedia


One of the first objects that comes to mind when one thinks of paper crafts is the humble ‘Pinwheel’ or the ‘Chakardi’. Most of us have spent endless hours gazing at this simple yet fascinating toy during our childhood years and looking at them, still fills us with that child-like glee.

Size : 6096 mm x 6096 mm (20’-0” x 20’-0”)
Technique : SS is bent and partly painted in order to show the various paper folds in a pinwheel. 


This artwork shows a tree in the autumn season with its beautifully colored leaves flying off in the wind. The scattered leaves add color and life to the space. As one enters the space, the tree is spreading over the two sides of the corner.

Size : 2440 mm x 1830 mm (8’-0” x 6’-0”)
Technique : Painted MS is sheared in the shape of leaves and a trunk forming a tree in the autumn season. 


The executive office includes the artwork made out of various standard sizes of paper and it is phonetically and graphically well composed to create a piece of art.

Size : 1974 mm x 1319 mm (6’-0” x 4’-0”)   
Technique : The artwork consists of digitally- printed canvas that is fitted on frames of various basic paper sizes.