Sri Aurobindo and mother:

Life must blossom like a flower offering itself to divine

 -The mother


As the name suggests, this residence was for a family that deeply believes in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.  And therefore the artworks for this project were inspired from the writings of The Mother.  Gentle and lovely, flowers share their beauty with us and bring us a touch of eternal things.  According to the Mother, each variety of flower has its own special quality and meaning. By establishing an inner contact with the flower, this meaning can be known. Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them, the Mother said. It is a subtle and fragrant language. As if to provide a key to this language, she identified the significances of almost nine hundred flowers.  The artworks in the project depict a particular significant flower in each space, giving it a particular feel and character.



Project: Auro Sadan

Design Area: 5000 sq ft

Client: Mr. R. P. Rama

Year of Completion: October 2019

Design Team: Oblique / Kuryaat

Photography Credits: Mr. Kaiwan Todiwala


Significance: Mahakali can work only when there is a calm inner being and a resolute will facing without disturbance all the difficulties.

Size : 3’-5” X 3’-5”
Technique : Framed Batik


Significance: I see the Mother in the form of Mahakali or as the transcendent and Universal Mother. But I see her in white color. I know that Kali is called Shyama because her color is black, but I saw white. Why is this? Mahakali and Kali are not the same. Kali is a lesser form. Mahakali in the higher planes appears usually with the golden color.

– Sri Aurobindo,13 March 1934

Size : 4’-0” x 2’6”
Technique : Mounted Batik Panels  


Significance: The Mother named the pink form of a lotus, The Avatar white form.

Aditi – The Mother is the indivisible consciousness, force, and Ananda of the Supreme, the Mother, its living dynamism, the supreme Love, Wisdom, Power. The Avatar – Sri Aurobindo the Divine incarnated in matter, and white signifies the Divine Consciousness manifested upon earth.

Significance: As soon as I saw Sri Aurobindo, I recognized in him the well-known being whom I used to call Krishna…And this is enough to explain why I am fully convinced that my place and my work are near him, in India.

from Volume 13, Words of the Mother, Pondicherry, 1920)

Size : (1’-6” x 2’3”) + (2’-3” x 2’-3”)
Technique : Framed Batik 


Significance: Innumerable, obstinate, repeating itself untiringly.

Size : 4’-3” x 2’-3”
Technique : Framed Batik  


Significance: Three different seasons are depicted with the changes observed in a tree with birds sitting on it, bringing in nature in the living room.

Size : 3’-3” x 2’-0”   
Technique : Framed Batik with accents of pearl  


Significance: Adorable in its simplicity

Size : 4’-6” x 2’3”
Technique : Framed Batik with paint on it  


Significance: It is you who open all the closed doors and allow the saving grace to enter.

Size : (4’-6” x  2’-3”)+(1’-3”x 2’-3”)
Technique : Framed Batik


Significance: The decision to go to the very end.

Size : (4’-6” x 2’-3”)+(1’-3”x 2’-3”)
Technique : Framed Batik with accents of fabric buttons


Significance: Innumerable, obstinate, repeating itself untiringly.

Size : 4’-3” x 2’-3”
Technique : Framed Batik


Significance: Conscious of the divine will and surrendered to it.

Size : 7’-0” x 2’-6”
Technique : Mounted Batik