The main artwork in a series inspired from the words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, this forms a strikingly beautiful backdrop to a living space while also working as a partition to shield the staircase behind.  

Size : Approx. 2400 mm x 2250 mm
Technique : Hand crafted in the beautiful art of Batik on silk fabric and mounted on plywood panels, this artwork is made in 6 parts that come together to create the whole.

Hearts and Arrows

The Hearts and Arrows formation is a sign of a perfectly cut round brilliant diamond.  This is the theme for this artwork in the executive lounge at the prestigious Shree Ram Krishna Exports Diamond Factory, Surat. 

Size : Approx. 7500 mm x 1200 mm
Technique : Laser-cut brush finished stainless steel elements pasted over hand painted canvas mounted on plywood bases forms this artwork.

Across the World

Across the World is an interesting set of 6 frames, each of which is an abstract depiction of the various cities in which this particular diamond company has its offices in.  The cities include Surat, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, New York and Antwerp.  The variation in heights of the blocks creates a depth to the works.

Size : Six frames of Approx. 900 mm x 900 mm each
Technique : The city blocks are made of individually cut, painted and pasted MDF blocks on a plywood base.


Morning is an interesting artwork made on one side of a free-standing partition between a formal and informal living space in an urban apartment.  It depicts a flock of birds beginning their day at sunrise.  The contrast of the metal and the paint makes it intriguing.

Size : Approx. 4500 mm x 1950 mm
Technique : The morning scene is directly painted onto the partition and the metal elements are made from laser-cut brush finished stainless steel and pasted onto it.

Radha Krishna

This mural is an abstraction of Radha and Krishna that is housed on a partition of a living space in an urban apartment.  The forms are derived from flowing curved lines.  The lines themselves are made in metal whereas the infilled segments within are given different textures.

Size : Approx. 3000 mm x 1950 mm
Technique : The thick black lines are painted dmild steel rods bent in this particular shape individually and the infill segments are MDF with different colours and textures applied on them artistically.

Flowers with Butterfly

This unique mural is to be looked at closely, because that’s when you’ll discover that they are made of drawer channels and other hardware items.  This is to reflect the fact that it adorns the wall of a premium hardware shop.

Size : Approx. 3200 mm x 2000 mm
Technique : This one-of-a-kind mural is made by first welding together and then cutting to shape various telescopic drawer channels and other kinds of hardwares such as hinges.  Finally it is manually painted.


One of the artworks in a series inspired from the words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, this forms a beautiful backdrop to a bed.  It shows glimpses of the Gladiola flower that represents the quality of Receptivity. 

Size : Approx. 1500 mm x 900 mm
Technique : This composition is made by mounting custom-made batik on silk fabric mounted on base plywood and certain accents of brass pasted on base ply.