The theme of the house is Peacock as the land was famous for the peacocks. ‘Tahuko’ is the sweet sound made by peacocks that connect humans and birds. All the artworks are a portrayal of Peacocks in abstract form with a depiction of their shapes, patterns, and colors in various forms.


The concept was to use Peacock as the basic idea for the house, but in an abstract way through its form and colors.

A. Exterior
1. Demonstration of different forms of Peacock in abstract ways with feather shapes and motifs as jaalis.
2. Peacock installation

B. Interior
1. Demonstration of different forms of the peacock in abstract ways with feather shape and motifs.
2. The palette of colors of the peacock is used for the artworks.



Project: Art Integration for a Residence in Surat, Gujarat

Design Area: 10140 sq ft / 942 sq m (carpet area)

Client: Mr. Amit Gajjar

Year of Completion: 2017

Design Team: Ms. Saloni Shah, Ms. Kekul Patel

Photography Credits: The Fishy Project


The nameplate depicts a peacock feather as it is defining the theme of the entire house right from the entrance. It highlights the raw look given to the house exterior through copper.

Size : 600 mm x 450 mm
Technique : Water-jet cut copper with natural finish


The Exterior Screens are made with the representation of feathers of a peacock as a separation between spaces with material as copper to bring out the sharpness and a rust character in the strong pattern. It acts as a security and at the same time as indirect contact with the neighbors.

Size : Approx. 2400 mm x 3500 mm, 2300 mm x 2400 mm and 4800 mm x 1500 mm
Technique : These screens are made with water jet cut copper sheets wherein the structure as well as infill panels are both made of copper, which is allowed to weather naturally.


A beautiful bird, the Peacock is associated with power, immortality and symbolizes courtship and fertility.  Inspired from the mesmerizing dance of the peacock, this abstracted version of the same is perched on the parapet of the garden such that it is visible right from the entry into the lane to the villa.

Size : Approx. 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 900 mm
Technique : This sculpture is made from water-jet cut and manually welded copper pieces.  The copper surface is left open to natural weathering process.


Feathers are placed in a form that acts as a screen. Different colors and materials of feathers are arranged to form a scheme and offer a connection with the other space as well.

Size : Approx. 2200 mm x 1000 mm
Technique : This screen is made using copper, mild steel and stainless steel elements that are laser-cut and machine bent.


One of the main features of the Peacock house, this mural sits on a double-height wall in the living space of the villa on a beautifully textured concrete wall backdrop. The concept is in line with all the artworks of the home and seeks to express the form and colors of beautiful peacock feathers.

Size : The mural covers an area of approx. 1800 mm x 4500 mm
Technique : The mural is made in 3 different materials – stainless steel, painted mild steel and brass. The laser cut and machine bent forms are fixed at specific angles creating a visual flow.


The replica of the peacock feather is used with lighting in the background to illuminate the space and bring out the pattern clearly in the prayer room to give it a divine look.

Size : Approx. 1050 mm x 1050 mm
Technique : SS is sheared in the shape of an abstract peacock’s feather and arranged with an acrylic sheet with a light source behind it to highlight it.