The theme of the project correlates with various elements of nature and geometric shapes also inspired by natural components like hexagons, squares, triangles, circles, etc. Geometry is seen frequently in several elements in Nature, and it lends beauty to that element. The artworks attempt to bring in nature, that reminds you of such beautiful elements that you often don’t find time to observe every day in your life.



Project: Art Integration for an Apartment in Surat, Gujarat

Design Area: 4860 sq ft (carpet area)

Client: Mr. Raju Savani

Year of Completion: April 2019

Design Team: Ms.Saloni Shah, Ms. Vidhi Desai, Mr. Jabir Kureshi, Mr. Fesal Kureshi

Photography Credits: Mr. Pratik Chandresha


Welcoming a bunch of flowers in an artwork placed at the entrance foyer, to give a feeling of warmth at the arrival with vibrant colors and varied sizes.

Size : 1890 mm x 1000 mm (6’-2” x 3’-2”)
Technique : Painted hexagonal-shaped flowers in Medium Density Fiberboard are stuck on each other with a central flower pistil made out of Brass in the shape of a hexagon too.


The theme of the project is to express various elements of nature using a particular geometric shapes.  For this particular artwork, the element of nature is a tree and the shape is square.  Three different seasons are depicted with the changes observed in a tree with birds sitting on it, bringing nature into the living room.

Size : 3240 mm x 1200 mm (10’-7” x 3’-11”)
Technique : Painted Medium Density Fiberboard cut in squares with Brass sheared in the shape of a bird. 


Here, the element of nature is a lotus pond and the shape is circle.  The Lotus Pond is located in the informal living room where everyone in the house comes together, just like a number of lotus plants floating together in the pond.

Size : 1200 mm x 1200 mm (3’-11” x 3’-11”)      
Technique : Painted Medium Density Fiberboard with brass inlaid in a pattern forming a Lotus.


‘Where the land and the sky unite’- this artwork portrays the horizon to beautifully showcase the tints and hues of blue and brown perfectly representing the land and the sky.

Size : 1320 mm x 2100 mm (4’-3” x 6’-9”)
Technique : Different shades of the land and the sky is printed on the canvas to depict the horizon.


This artwork represents the peacock feathers in the parents’ bedroom in the shape of arrows that are combined together to reproduce feathers with a similar color tone noticed in them, making it look very delicate and elegant.

Size : 1700 mm x 1020 mm (5’-6” x 3’-3”)
Technique : Painted Medium Density Fiberboard cut in the shape of arrows to make a feather with Brass work to make it look delicate.


For this particular artwork, the elements of nature are flowers and butterflies and the shape is pentagon. The inclusion of threadwork in the making lends it a wonderful delicateness.

Size : 1550 mm x 1055 mm (5’-0” x 3’-4”)
Technique : Painted Medium Density Fiberboard with Brass cut and sheared in the shape of pentagons to make flowers and butterflies in a garden.


The depth of the sea is represented with rightly chosen shades of blue, the diamond shape and delicate fishes swimming deep inside the free-flowing water.

Size : 1200 mm x 1200 mm (3’-11” x 3’-11”)
Technique :Shades of blue are painted on Medium Density Fiberboard with fishes made out of Brass. 


For this particular artwork, the elements of nature are hills and the shape is triangles. The artwork demonstrates the green lush hillside with a setting sun that is shining gently on the hills giving a feeling of warmth and an eye-pleasing look to the entire room.

Size : 2000 mm x 700 mm (6’-6” x 2’-3”)
Technique : Painted Medium Density Fiberboard is cut in triangles and adorned with brass fitted as a setting sun.